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Exhall Boxing Academy Featured Image

Exhall Boxing Academy

Exhall Boxing Academy is responsible for coaching Boxers, to improve their skill, to proceed to the next Level.

We Can Dance Featured Image

We Can Dance

The funds provided by Crimebeat has supported 5 children at the LWAD at a time of financial hardship for their families, allowing them to continue with their lessons and dance examinations.

Compass Cycle to Recovery Featured Image

Compass Cycle to Recovery

"The project has been a great success and at times emotional due to the impact on some of the young people. Thank you Crimebeat for the support and here's to 2024."

Supporting the Kissing it Better Initiative Featured Image

Supporting the Kissing it Better Initiative

"Loneliness and isolation are a real threat to our older generation - KIB gives a real chance for the young to mitigate this threat."

The Magistrates Association Mock Trials Featured Image

The Magistrates Association Mock Trials

The Magistrates Association of Coventry and Warwickshire applied for a grant to support their work in conducting mock trials to pupils at Woodloes School.

Cleary's Boxing Planning Strategy Featured Image

Cleary's Boxing Planning Strategy

Founded in 2007 by Edwin Cleary following a short pro career, Edwin had wanted to follow in his mentors footsteps. Brendan Ingle MBE former boxer, trainer and friend.