About Us

Warwickshire Crimebeat is a local charity, established in 2003 which aims to enable and empower young people in Warwickshire to make a real difference in their local community. We are part of the National Crimebeat initiative.

We achieve this by encouraging young people to undertake community projects and provide financial and practical support.

We are supported by the High Sheriff of Warwickshire and the private sector and we never cease to be inspired by the young people in our county.

We are also supported by the team at the Kenilworth Centre, a thriving community hub in the heart of Kenilworth’s town centre. They help us with the day to day running of the charity.

Charity Number: 1121616

On Thursday 6th April 2023, in Court Room No 1 of the Old Court at Shire Hall in Warwick, Mrs Sophie Hilleary was sworn in by Mrs Raji Gill as His Majesty the King’s High Sheriff of Warwickshire for 2023-2024 – in attendance were His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Warwickshire, Mr Tim Cox, HH Judge Andrew Lockhart KC and Mr David Kelham, His Majesty the King’s High Sheriff of Warwickshire for 2022-2023.

Mrs Sophie Hilleary was brought up and educated locally in Warwickshire and from an early age, it was clear that all that mattered to her in life was a sense of compassion and a will to help others.

Sophie started her nursing training at The Middlesex Hospital in Central London, where standards were high and the nursing community reflected the very best of what is now so important to all of us (but not so much then) equality, diversity and inclusion – and from there, she climbed the ladder with a vocation in District nursing.

Sophie is married to Duncan, an entrepreneur – more recently, her (adult) children have followed their father’s entrepreneurial spirit with the creation of a highly successful cashew nut based butter – and it is Sophie you will find in the “production” factory – as ever, helping and encouraging.

And so, with this background, Sophie has chosen as one of her themes for her year, “the unsung heroes of nursing and caring” – and in that, Warwickshire is privileged to have her as their High Sheriff.

Simon Miesegaes, Chair of Warwickshire Crimebeat, commented:

“We are delighted to have Sophie as a Trustee of Warwickshire Crimebeat and I know we will find much common ground between her role within the Judiciary and what we strive to achieve with Crimebeat.

I should also like to thank David Kelham for his wonderful support this year, not only in terms of bringing projects to the Committee for consideration but also for his very generous raising of funds for us.”

Our Team


Simon Miesegaes DL (High Sheriff 2019/20) - Chair

David Kelham DL (High Sheriff 2022/23)

Joe Greenwell CBE DL (High Sheriff 2020/21)

Terry Monnington

Sophie Hilleary (High Sheriff 2023/24)

The Lady Willoughby De Broke DL (High Sheriff 2021/22)

Mervyn Kimberley

Carol Thorne JP

Committee Members

Raji Gill - Chairperson of The Warwickshire Magistrates Bench,
                High Sheriff Nomination 24/25

Mary Peirson - Treasurer

Sian Battle-Welch - Warwickshire Police

Louise Male - Administrator

Jackie Rivers - Secretary

Golf Day Sub Committee

Richard Samuda (High Sheriff 2016/17)

Anne Greenwell

Terry Monnington

Average amount per project £564

Year Total Amount Funded
2022-23 £6,645
2021-22 £8,275
2020-21 £3,348
2019-20 £12,800
2018-19 £10,120
2017-18 £3,711
2016-17 £6,546
2016 £5,239
2015 £8,345
2014 £7,240
2013 £9,372
2012 £10,844
2011 £27,149
2010 £13,863
2009 £8,886
2008 £10,018
2007 £29,883
2006 £9,383
2005 £15,303
2004 £15,733
2003 £11,236