Equality & Diversity Policy

Warwickshire Crimebeat is committed to opposing all forms of discrimination and disadvantage in all its activities. We support the right of everyone to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect, and to work in an environment free of discrimination. This is founded on a sense of respect, integrity and honesty and our commitment to considering the rights of others.

We aim to create a totally inclusive environment that respects the diversity of those engaged and enables every individual to derive maximum benefit and satisfaction from working with us.  We value everyone and appreciate and welcome the experiences and benefits that a diverse workforce and our diverse contacts bring.

Our policy underpins all other policies, management plans, strategies, and procedures.

In implementing the policy, we ensure that:

  • All engaged persons, projects and all third parties working on behalf of us and on our premises, are fully aware of and promote the policy and its principles.
  • Where necessary, all those engaged undertake appropriate training to increase their understanding of diversity, equality and inclusion.
  • All engaged persons take personal responsibility for implementing equality and diversity principles, treating all colleagues, projects, suppliers, subcontractors and the public with fairness, dignity and respect, and respectfully challenging unwelcome or unacceptable behaviour by others.
  • All equality and diversity processes comply with anti-discriminatory legislation and codes of practice, in particular, the Equality Act 2010 and Human Rights Act 1998.

We are committed to providing all engaged persons with equality of opportunity in all areas of engagement and business regardless of age, gender identity, ethnicity or race, nationality, disability (both physical and mental) religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, marital or civil partnership status, working patterns, caring responsibilities, pregnancy, political affiliation or trade union membership.

This commitment applies to all aspects of engagement, teaching and learning.

To achieve this, our objectives are to:

Be an exemplary equal opportunities engager across all our activities, and at all times maximise the opportunities that enable diverse talent to join and remain with us.

  • Maintain a working environment where discrimination, harassment, victimisation and bullying are not tolerated.
  • Implement a fair and open-to-all recruitment process, maximising our chances of recruiting the best possible talent.
  • Ensure any remuneration, benefits and terms and conditions are agreed in a fair, unbiased and objective manner.
  • Actively encourage representatives of the community in which we do business and, in particular, members of under-represented groups to apply for engagement opportunities.
  • Provide equal access to all training and career opportunities, enabling individuals to develop to their full potential.
  • Ensure we do not disadvantage certain groups or individuals.
  • Increase awareness of our commitment to equality and diversity among our own employees and our beneficiaries.
  • Monitor recruitment, training and promotion on a regular basis, ensuring that we meet our goals to attract talent from all sections of the community.
  • Review all our processes and procedures regularly to ensure that they do not unfairly discriminate.

Promotion of policy

Warwickshire Crimebeat will promote this policy to all those engaged as part of the induction process. Promotion to learners/apprentices will form part of their induction process. This policy is made available via our website.

Communicating this policy

All those engaged are instructed to follow the policy as soon as they join the charity as part of the recruitment and/or learner induction process. This applies to all those engaged and all aspects of their engagement / training journey. The policy is communicated to all those engaged and is reviewed annually to ensure that it continues to reflect the absolute commitment of the Charity to embedding equality and diversity in our operations.

All Projects are required to confirm that comply with this policy.

Download Equality & Diversity Policy