We Can Dance - Barbara O'Rourke

The funds provided by Crimebeat has supported 5 children at the LWAD (Leamington and Warwick Dance Academy) at a time of financial hardship for their families, allowing them to continue with their lessons and dance examinations. The fund has also contributed towards the appointment of a Dance Teacher at Our Lady & St. Teresa’s School, Cubbington to provide dance classes to Year 2 and Year 6 children. This has benefited 50 children in total across the 2 years, including 15 ‘pupil premium’ children.

Posters, Flyers, Facebook, LWAD and Leigh-Anne Campbell Parents Whatsapp Groups, press articles and announcements in local churches and other charity events as well as the BORAF website were used to promote the launch event. The event was extremely well supported and although no tickets were sold, an estimated 200-300 people attended during the day.

Leamington & Warwick Academy of Dance, the Leigh-Anne Campbell School of Dance and ex pupils of Barbara, namely Will Young, Lead dancer with the Zurich Ballet and Eleanor Brown, a West End performer a day of dance displays and dance workshops were provided in the Royal Priors Shopping Centre, Leamington Spa. The displays and workshops were attended by over 100 children, their parents / relatives and shoppers passing-by. A fun filled day of dance and entertainment promoting the grace and enjoyment of dance. The essence of Barbara’s teaching style of love and inclusion emanating throughout the day.