theKenilworthCentre ‘We Are Youth’ Project

In early 2015 the young people from theKenilworthCentre won an award for their ‘We Are Youth’ campaign targeted towards young people and the dangers of ‘Sexting’.

The term ‘Sexting’ is when young people use their mobiles to send pictures of themselves half-naked or naked to their partners, making themselves vulnerable and at risk that the images will be leaked and used in a negative way. Unfortunately this is becoming a common problem amongst young people and the NSPCC has found that it is usually girls who are the most affected.

Thanks to the young people of theKenilworthCentre, they were able to highlight the dangers of ‘Sexting’ with this powerful short film – something which effects many young people.

This is one example of an impressive project that gained Crimebeat’s support, could your project be next?