Kenilworth School & USU raise £65,000

This year Crimebeat donated £500 to Kenilworth School which enabled them to put on urban night show during Africa week.

Kenilworth School & Sports College have been running the charity project USU or Urban Sounds Uyogo since 2004 and the pupils and staff have helped raise a staggering £65,000 over the last 11 years.

USU was created with the aim of raising money to help reduce poverty and aid development in Africa. The event is held during a dedicated charity week in February, known as Africa Week. All the money that has been raised is donated to various charities such as CORD, Water Aid, One World Link and GAGA. As well as this, a significant portion of fundraising is given to Kenilworth Friendship Link who have developed links with Uyogo in Tanzania. Tanzania remains one of the poorest countries in the world and has become a target for poachers, leaving many with a very poor quality of life.

“The team at Kenilworth School worked incredibly hard and the shows could not proceed without them. It is the equipment for these shows that your kind donation has enabled us to purchase and we are very grateful for your support”