Foundry Wood intervention programme for Secondary Schools

The Foundry Wood intervention programme for Secondary Schools was organised by Achieving Results in Communities CIC and ran from September 2020 until the start of February 2021.

The project involved 10 young people and included the delivery of two intervention programmes with North Leamington School

As part of the initiative, a comprehensive report and case study was produced for North Leamington School by January 2021, measuring the longer-term impact on the participants’ behaviour and mental health.

The organisation has been able to secure funding to deliver 2 more intervention programmes with Secondary schools during the academic year 2020/2021

This project will allow young people to benefit on a range of outcomes as a result of taking part in the programmes. Results be measured against the changes to mental and physical wellbeing as well as behaviour.

The goal of this programme is for young people to make positive contributions through improving green spaces and it is hoped that this can be achieved in the future.

The organisers have found that the programmes have enhanced Student Support Service by reducing demand on staff and publishing detailed case studies for each young person. This will be useful in building evidence for better individual support for students as they progress in their time at school.

On of the most rewarding and successful aspects of the project was seeing how the beneficial outcomes were unique for every individual who participated. Each one of them reported that they thought it was a beneficial and worthwhile thing to take part in.

Future programmes will include a greater emphasis on green woodworking skills and production of items such as benches, chairs, decorations, and utensils.