Cleary's Boxing Planning Strategy

Our objective is to relocate and refurbish the former Whitnash Community Hall within Leamington, we have now secured the long term lease. The idea of having a buzzing sports and social hub at the centre of the community is many years in the mind of our Founder Edwin.

We believe it to be the right time to embark on the exciting project due to the increase of continued success the gym produces along with a focus on more community based projects needed to support and improve our region.

Founded in 2007 by Edwin Cleary following a short pro career, Edwin had wanted to follow in his mentors footsteps. Brendan Ingle MBE former boxer, trainer and friend. Edwin was introduced to the sport by legendary Leamington boxer Jackie Turpin – the youngest brother of Randolph and Dick.

Preserving their influence in Warwick and Leamington is very important, continuing the Turpins’ fighting lineage by passing down Jackie’s teachings, as well as educating young fighters in our towns about their important but underappreciated predecessors, Cleary’s Boxing doesn’t just provide sporting value, but emotional and historical value as well.

Producing some of Leamington’s , The Midlands, England's, Great Britain's, European and The Commonwealths finest fighters. Currently operating out of a small upstairs facility in the backstreets of Leamington Spa, the project operates as a not for profit, and the volunteers take no payment for their time. In general terms, the gym provides a training facility for interested users, but it is much more than that. It is also a place that welcomes “troubled” young people looking for an outlet for their frustrations, helping
to channel their aggression and focus their energies. However, the location and accessibility of the gym severely limits it capacity and opportunity.